Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver’s Model (1949)

These two scholars have given a mechanical presentation of the communication model. This theory of communication is based on telephone as a communication channel. Following is their model :

Shannon-Weaver Model

In this model, communication begins with an information-source who creates the message, s/he transmits by means of the vocal apparatus which acts as a transmitter (a telephone speaker in the telephone); through the channel with noise interference (such as telephone wire and sound waves) to the hearing mechanism of the person s/he is communicating with acting as the receiver (such as telephone receiver) which recreates the message so that the other person, a receiver, as we have defined, can receive it.

This model assumes more importance because the element of noise as communication barrier has been introduced in it. Later, based on the above principle, Shannon developed an ‘information theory’, which says that the source has a message that s/he is trying to get through some channels to some destinations.

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